The marbles of Bagnara Marmi Due

Our company has been mining for more than 50 years in the Asiago plateau, it operates with advanced machinery respecting current environmental standards. Our various types of precious local marble are called: Red/OrangeRed Asiago 130 Vertical CutRed Asiago Horizontal CutRed Asiago “Flowery” Vertical CutRed” Magnaboschi”Red Nut Or MahoganyWhite “Perlino”Pink “Perlino”“Verdello”Cloudy “Verdello”Classic “Botticino”Flowery “Botticino” Semi-Classic “Botticino” Breccia OniciataAgglomerate Red Asiago.
We can supply valuable material used to create Marble Conglomerate.

Some of our marbles:

Some of our marbles in process

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