Bagnara Marmi Due

The Company extracts Marble from the Altopiano of Asiago and has a licence to transport for third parties. It specialises in the supply of blocks for lining river banks, torrents, embankments, cliffs, and supporting walls. For more than 50 years the company has extracted marble in the Altopiano of Asiago with machinery that far and beyond respects the present enviromental regulations.

Why Choose Us?

With our experience of over 50 years in quarry activity our Company is firmly entrenched in the world of marble extraction. Our Company is reliable and we respond quickly to market demands. Our marble, especially the “Rosso” of Asiago is greatly esteemed in the whole world for its colour which blends well with other marbles, for both internal and external work, with interesting mechanical resistance and an optimum resistance to ice. Highly workable, even in thin dimensions, it allows for versatile results in construction, manufactured items and in works of art. The Asiago “Rosso” marble is a deep red, the intensity of which is determined by diverse shades which vary depending on the area of extraction. It maintains it shine like few other materials, keeping the “mirror” quality for a long time. This is greatly appreciated in both the Italian and overseas markets. It is often used with other marbles in chess pavements and is greatly appreciated in it’s “Anticato” or “Spazzolato” finish (antique or brushed effects).

Some of our finishes:

Some of our marbles:


We are present at the Marmomac 2023 fair:  Avenue E – stand nr. 535

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