Company history

In 1954, Mario Bagnara, one of the founder members of the company F.lli Bagnara started extracting “Verdello” marble at Rubbio, and has continued to this day to extract marble from the Altopiano of Asiago. In 1985, his sons Luca and Ernesto founded a new company called Alpina Marmi Snc and started their own activity, initially on the Altopiano of Asiago. In 1994 they bought a “Bottoncino” marble quarry in Nuvolento and then in 1996 another adjacent one in the Comune of Nuvolera. Whilst working in Brescia the brothers started to buy land, first in the comune of Roana, and then in Asiago.

In 2002 they sold the company Bagnara Marmi Srl owner of the quarries in Brescia, and started the company Bagnara Marmi Due Srl. They then returned to work in the Altopiano of Asiago, but always maintained contact with the Brescia area, purchasing “Bottoncino” marble to in turn sell to their own clients. In 2009 they ceded the Paitone deposit in the Brescia area while maintaining the two quarries of “Rosso” Asiago marble. In 2012 they formed the present company Bagnara Marmi Due Srl by joining Bagnara Marmi Due Srl and Alpina Marmi Srl.

Our company today